Diagnosis : ALS


Grand Island, Nebraska is where I grew up. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Hello. My name is Chris and I have ALS. I was thinking about starting a blog to help me put together thoughts about anything that might help you and I get through the day. This message may not reach you, but I will send it anyway. First, let me begin by saying hello and welcome to my blog. I was wondering if anyone would like to share any thoughts, suggestions, feelings or whatever. I would like to have a safe environment for us to share what ever we feel.

I was diagnosed with ALS in 2010. Needless to say that was the worst news that a doctor had ever told me. First, I wasn’t sure what ALS was so I asked. After he explained it to me, then I thought surely he was joking. I instantly was filled with anger and that has not changed for me… Having said that, I would like to try and explain the worst day of my life. I don’t know if this is even possible, but here goes. I was thirty-eight years old with a family. A beautiful wife and three wonderful sons.

We had a life filled with school, sports, hunting, fishing, a mortgage, car payments, credit card debt, and two full-time jobs. I was just finishing my MBA and interviewing for serious, life-changing jobs. We were making big plans for our future. I was was so excited about “finally” making all of my promises to my family come true. Thirteen years of military service and five years of college classes later, I was given a freaking death sentence. People often ask me what does ALS feel like? Well, physically it feels like getting kicked in the groin over and over again.

Psychologically, it feels like everything is getting or will become torn away from you. I will stop here for now. I get very tired typing with my eyes. So until next time.