The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Folks, there is something special that happened to me recently and I must share it with you. I was recently interviewed by Hannah Mullins, Channel 10 News for the Hope Loves Company camp for children of Persons with ALS. The interview was coordinated by Jodi O’donnell-Ames, who is the founder of HLC. By the way, these are two wonderful and empowering women who have made a wonderful impact in my life. Truly selfless and full of passion for what they do. Thank you for connecting with me and continuing to be a part of the family. By the way, talk about the beauties and the beast, I’m just saying what everyone is thinking…


Pictured here from left to right, Benton Ames, Jodi O’donnell-Ames, beast and Hannah Mullins.


After the interview was aired on the ABC News, I wasn’t expecting what would transpire from this experience. The following day, I received a miracle from God! My eldest son was working on his car in the garage, when he was approached by a man claiming that he knew me from the Marine Barracks Yokosuka Japan. My son was taken back from the information that this person knew about me. He told my son not to tell me who he was and that he wanted to surprise me, so my wife helped me transfer from my bed to my wheelchair. She led me out to the driveway.

The anticipation was exhilarating and once I saw who it was, I recognized him right away. It was Gunnery Sergeant (retired), James Washington. He was my supervisor at my very first duty station. I was always thinking about him and how he was such a positive influence on my Marine Corps career. I mean, this man is one of a kind and true leader of Marines. In other words, he is the real deal folks! I absolutely admired this man of God. I had always wondered what had become of James and here he was standing in our driveway.



James was there when I had met my wife, Chisato and when our first son was born. This was totally surreal my friends. Yes, he has maintained his military physique, unlike myself. I let myself go (ALS). James, you haven’t changed. You are like a fine bottle of wine, you just get better with age. I love you my brother and thank you for finding me.